Sunday, March 15, 2009


I've had a headache for a couple days now. Allergies are acting up. Then this morning I wake up to a message from a Flickr friend (I have the best Flickr friends ever!!) who has seen some of my eye macro self-portraits posted in a Myspace photo album belonging to someone I don't know and have never heard of. This person is clearly not a stalker or weirdo like some others I've had to deal with. She's just interested in makeup. Problem is, Flickr has guidelines. She has not followed those guidelines. Flickr Community Guidelines specify that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page. I have chosen to prevent the general public from downloading all sizes because I'm sick of my photos being stolen. I have specified on my Flickr profile that no one has permission to use my Flickr photos or videos for anything. Ever.

Additionally, Myspace has its own photo policy which specifies you are not allowed to upload copyrighted pics. My Flickr pics are protected under copyright.

However, I don't think this girl knows what she's doing is stealing. I don't think there's any malice intended. I think she might genuinely believe that if she sees it on the internet, it's OK to take a copy, do whatever she pleases with it and post it wherever she wants. If she had purchased the photos, then yes. But she didn't. Those photos have never been for sale.

I haven't contacted this girl or Myspace yet because I'm not quite sure how to handle it. On the one hand, what she's doing is wrong. On the other, it's just kind of sad. And the eye macro self-portraits she chose to steal aren't even ones I like. So I'm not sure if it's even worth the bother of contacting her or Myspace. The only thing that aggravates me about it is she's not giving me credit for my work, which is why Flickr requires that you link back whenever you post a Flickr photo on an external website. But since I don't even like those four self-portraits in the first place, do I really want credit for them? I'm inclined to just send her a Myspace friends request without telling her why, laugh my ass off and dismiss the whole thing as more pointless, petty, internet silliness.

Unfortunately, I've been told repeatedly by many people that I need to get serious about the whole business side of the things I create :(


  1. I agree, I don't think there was any malice intended. It looks like she's just into make up and probably doesn't realize what she's done. It is still annoying though and she should learn that there are people who may not be as friendly or understanding about it. Sending her a "friend" request would be kind of funny :)

  2. The thing is, if you want to protect your (copy)rights, you need to defend yourself with everything, even if it's something you're not particularly fond of. Down the road, if you go after somebody for another violation, they could possibly point to this instance, and show that you really don't care to protect your property.

    BTW, I'm not a lawyer or anything.

  3. I think Steve is right- this may be too much after the fact to matter- but if you haven't pursued correcting her mistake I think you should.

  4. I went ahead and reported it right after it happened. Heard nothing back, pics still there. Reported again. And again. Then the girl made her profile private. I'm hoping that means Myspace deleted my pics from her album and she was miffed about it :)
    When I tried contacting her directly I was informed that only friends could send her messages. Tried to add her as a friend and was informed hat you had to know her to add her. Well, shit. At that point I just reported her because she didn't give me any other choice.
    People can be so strange.

  5. yep, they sure can be strange strange strange. good on you for following it up though, she has to learn sometime!

  6. Hi

    How do I reach you if I want to buy usage of some of your beauty photos? There is no where on Flickr on how to contact you. Please advise. I have a beauty company and love some of your lash shots.

    thank you

  7. I found you on Lilac Dermatillomanics blog and the whole stealing photos thing captivated me. Ive got a whole blog based on one girls stealing photos of others and assuming their identities...even taking photos from flickr claiming they were her holiday photos...its really pathetic.
    After a few years of having my blog seems quite a few people do this w/ out realizing the consequences.


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